Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who is this in me?

I'm starting to REALLY notice the difference between this pregnancy and my pregnancy with Bradyn.  In the beginning there was zero difference.  This was great in my opinion.  I felt pretty good, things were going well.

Then the third trimester hit.  And all hell broke loose.

I have heartburn ALL.THE.DANG.TIME.  The baby is constantly moving.  Often times I'm like "honey do you ever sleep?"  I have a burning sensation at the top of my stomach, most likely because of stretching.    I'm just not comfortable.

Yes yes I know, I'm pregnant, and things aren't always peachy keen.

Let's be honest.  Because things are so different, I'm totally paranoid about this baby being a boy.  I desperately want Bradyn to have a sister.  I have nothing against boys, don't misunderstand.  I would love to have a boy.... the next pregnancy.

Have any of your pregnancies been totally different and did that mean they were different genders or just different personalities?

Monday, November 15, 2010

CD Trial #2

This batch of cloth diapers came from Kelly's Closet.  Here's what I bought to try.

Happy Heiny's One Size
Description:  A one size pocket diaper with milled fleece and four size options due to the sizing snaps.
Fit:  Again, because of the one size option, this is one of the bulkiest diapers I have.
Look:  While I didn't get a print for my trial, I did buy a couple of more of their prints including the cow print like above.  These out of all of the diapers I've tried are the cutest.  Not because of the fit, but because of the amazing collection of fun prints.
Function:  This became one of my favorite naptime or overnight diaper with a second insert.  
Price:  $18.95  one of the more expensive diapers
Grade:  B+
Flip Stay Dry Diaper System
Description:  A waterproof liner with an area to put in a prefold, insert or throw away insert.  This is not a pocket diaper.  It also is hybrid.
Fit:  Again, I enjoy the snaps, so that was a positive.  It wasn't a great fit through the legs but a decent fit through the tummy area.  Still a bit bulkier than I like.
Look:  Cute but nothing special.
Function:  This leaked half the time Bradyn wore it.  That became extremely frustrating.  Its one thing to have a diaper leak all the time because then you know not to use it.  But for it to work 1/2 the time, you think to yourself "sure I'll try it again" and then get screwed by that decision.  The only bonus is that when she did a #2, I was still able to use it after I changed the insert because I could easily wipe the cover (if needed, and it only needed that once).  
Price:  $16.95
Grade:  C
Rump a Rooz

Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper

Description:  OS pocket diaper with microfiber inner leg gussets (the only one like it on the market)
Fit:  Although I have a relatively tiny baby (re: short... like her momma), this diaper needed to be on its biggest setting because it was low rise in the back.  This seems to be a common problem.  Although she fits fine in it now, when she grows a bit, she will no longer be able to use it.
Look:  These diapers come in a variety of cute prints that I appreciate.  Plus I love a cute logo and this one has an adorable kangaroo for its label.
Function:  I do appreciate the inner leg guessets and was most excited to try this one out because of it.  However, I didn't feel like it did that great of a job over some of the other ones that I have.  It did do its job very well though.
Price:  $23.50  definitely one of the more pricier ones on the market.
Grade:  B

These next two came so highly recommended by Alysha or Emily that I just had to try them. 
gDiapers Little gPants, 2 Pack, Medium
Description:  The first hybrid on the market that has biodegradable flushable inserts as well as cloth soakers.  The outer cover is a cotton rather than a waterproof liner with velcro that shuts in the back rather than in the front like many others.
Fit:  This is one of the trimmest fitting diapers which I loved.  However, the back velcro took some getting used to and my husband didn't like that part at all.  Also, the inner snaps dug into Bradyn's skin which always made me sad to see.  I did really like the cotton feel of the cover though.  
Look:  I definitely appreciate the assortment of colors, although there doesn't seem to be any prints, which is a bummer.
Function:  This worked most of the time.  I believe it only leaked once.  I also tried the flushable disposable inserts which worked out great.  Although why use those if your going to go for cloth diapers.  I decided its a great alternative to disposable ones when your on the go.  Without the chemicals I didn't have to worry so much about diaper rash.
Price:  $17.99  not the cheapest but the best hybrid that I tried
Grade:  C
----Jeff's opinion---- (I tried to get him to have an opinion about all of them, to which he had none, but this one he definitely had some thoughts)
"I don't like this one.  The velcro in the back is a nuisance and the inner piece seems cheap"
Description:  An All in 2 system that has there extra long soakers that snap in rather than stuff (although they just came out with their Omni System that allows you to either snap in or stuff!).  It also has a unique feature that has a toggle system in the front to get the perfect fit in the legs and velcro around the waist.
Fit:  Except for GDiapers, these diapers were the trimmest fit.  Plus I really love the toggle system to get that perfect fit around my chubby thighed baby girl.
Look:  They have the usual kinds of colors and there selection of prints leaves a lot to be desired.  But I am a fan of the hot pink.  :)
Function:  This one is absolutely terrific!  I LOVE the snap in feature of their soaker.  Plus it comes with THREE soakers AND a newborn soaker.  So you really feel like you can use it over and over, to which I absolutely did.  This quickly became my go to "outside the house" diaper.  So easy to bring one extra cover and a couple of soakers knowing that's all you need for your average day.  It has been recommended to use a different diaper for overnight by All About Cloth Diapers.
Price:  $36.95 on Amazon and Mothering Grace (where I bought mine), however if you want to upgrade to their amazing bamboo soakers  
Grade:  A+

Next up:  What I kept for my "stash" and the extras that I felt that I just couldn't live without!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm officially a convert

So I wanted to update you on my latest adventure into cloth diapering.  I told you before that I was interested in it to help with Bradyn's constant diaper rash.  Alysha from The Tarr Pit wisely advised me to begin with a cloth diaper trial so I could try out several kinds before buying a stash of one particular brand.

Here is a breakdown of the ones that I tried and what I thought of them.

Description:  An AIO (all in one) diaper with one set of snaps that has a microterry insert sewn in.
Fit:  Very nice and trim
Look:  This one was a surprise in the box and it was so soft to the touch and I was really excited to try this one on.
Function:  I wish upon wishes that this one worked as well as it looked.  It leaked 3 out of 3 times.  It was awful.  I was so surprised to find that it was highly recommended for newborns from a really good resource All About Cloth Diapers.
Price:  $12.95
GradeD-  The only reason why this isn't an F is because its still super cute.
(Ok, when I re-read my instruction sheet, I didn't realize that there was a TON of tips on the BACK.  DUH.  One of the tips was to cover this diaper with the Thirsties cover.  Yah, that probably would have helped.  This still wouldn't have been one of my favorites though)
Thirsties Duo Pocket Diaper
Thirsties Duo Diaper

Description:  Pocket diaper with two inserts, one quick absorbing microfiber and one super absorbent hemp insert. Snap the two together at either end and stuff into the shell. Unique opening in the front allows inserts to come out by themselves in the wash.  (I wish I had known that last part...)
Fit:  It has inner gussets (a second leg lining) which was nice and overall it was an ok fit.  
Look:  At first glance it looked pretty cheap but it turned out alright, but certainly not the cutest diaper on the block.
Function:  The first time I tried this one, it leaked, but I think it was my fault for not adjusting it correctly.  Ever since, it has been fine. 
Price:  $17.50
GradeC+  It was a decent diaper and really nothing necessarily wrong, it just wasn't my favorite.  

Fuzzi Bunz
FuzziBunz One Size Cloth Diaper
Description:  The original pocket diaper with snaps for fitting the waist and legs
Fit:  I didn't think that I would appreciate the snaps as much as I did.  It made all the difference in the world for not a) making red marks on my baby girl's chubby legs, and b) fitting her buddha belly.  This was a "perfect fit" rather than their OS (one size) so it was much less bulky and honestly became a perfect fit. 
Look:  I like that these have an assortment of bolder colors.  I just wish that it had more options for cute prints.
Function:  It never leaked and became one of my best day time diapers.  I also read that it was highly recommended to use as an overnight diaper with a Flip insert to double the soakers, which I tried once and worked out perfectly.
Price:  $17.95 although currently Fuzzi Bunz is having an ovestock sale for $14.95!  Score!
GradeA  This quickly became one of my favorite diapers. 
bumGenius OS
BumGenius 3.0 One Size Cloth Diapers
Description:  BumGenius One Size fits 7-35 lbs. with crossover velcro including an absorbent one size micro terry insert + a newborn insert. 
Fit:  For being a OS it wasn't too bad, but it was still bulkier than I would prefer
Look:  I got a sweet pink color and that may have persuaded me, but I thought it was cute.  They just came out with an artist selection which is a little underwhelming.
Function:  This was a great absorber and became my regular nap time diaper.  Great function.
Price:  $17.95
GradeB+  The only reason I didn't give this an A was because of the bulky factor and flimsy velcro. 

bumGenius V.3 AIO
bumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper  
Description:  All in One diaper which means that the soaker is sewn into the pocket.  The pocket still has an opening if you need or want to add in another soaker.
Fit:  Same as the other bumGenius (see above)
Look:  again (see above)
Function:  This worked the same as the other bumGenius but for one disappointing flaw.  Because it is an AIO it takes forever to dry.  I think because of that I have decided I do not like AIO diapers.  Plus I really like the option of using a diaper more than one time (with a change in the insert of course!)
Price:  $15.95
SmartiPants Onesize Cloth Diaper - Mellow Yellow
Description:  OS pocket diaper
Fit:  Since it is a one size it is bulkier than I prefer
Look:  Pretty cute.  Nothing exceptional.
Function:  The insert has a pretty good absorption quality, not the best of the bunch, but certainly decent.  I also really like the snaps.
Price:  $14.95
Grade:  B
GroVia One Size Hybrid

Description:  The title says it all.  The throw away inserts did not come in my trial.  The inside double soaker snaps in.
Fit:  Bulky 
Look:  I liked the deep purple color that I received.  Other than that, nothing spectacular.
Function:  While it came with a double organic soaker, it did leak nearly every time Bradyn wore it.  It became very frustrating. 
Grade:  D

There were items that came in this trial that I didn't even try.  It also came with bleached chinese prefolds,  unbleached Indian prefolds, and a Snappi to help tie those prefolds.  I just decided that if I was going to go cloth, I knew in my heart that I was going to be too lazy to fold up all the prefolds.  I wanted it to be as simple as possible. 
Remember that this was just my 1st trial.  Post coming soon about my 2nd batch and what I thought about them.  

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Fun

Here are a few shots from our fall fun.  Yes, yes, I'm at least a week late.  So what's new?

Friday, October 29, 2010

I miss.... something

Today by a random turn of events I was able to spend quality time with a very good friend of mine.  At first I panicked because my house wasn't nearly as clean as I was hoping, but like a good friend does, she didn't mind.

We talked.  We laughed..... and laughed..... and laughed..... and laughed some more.

She didn't care about my dirty floors, my messy table or that there were dirty dishes that needed to be done.

All she and I cared about was catching up.

This was such a huge lift in my spirits.  I could finally relax.

If you have been reading recently (and really who has?), then you might get the sense that I'm having a difficult time right now.  I'm really not, its just that I'm missing my friends who simply "get me".  I'm missing the joy that comes with friends who understand you better than you do in a way that's different than your husband.

When you get married, things change.  That's a fact.  It's neither good nor bad, its just different, and that's ok.  Your single friends don't quite get it, and your married friends are too busy hanging with their hubby and children.  But sometimes you need to get with a girlfriend and let it all hang out.

Those are the times I miss the most.

And today I got a glimmer into the "old me" and I remembered that I really like her.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What sisterhood?

I have to be honest.  I'm really not enjoying being pregnant with roughly 2,398,578 other fabulous ladies. 

The thing is I'm WAY too competitive to be able to handle this very maturely.  I'm tired of comparing
  • how much weight we have gained or more importantly NOT gained
  • how we look in maternity wear
  • baby names and who has picked out a cuter name
  • how close one sibling will be to the newest baby in age and whose life will be more difficult
But it doesn't end there folks.  I'm also tired of competing as a wife and SAHM.
  • who is cooking more
  • who is cooking better recipes
  • whose house is miraculously cleaner despite how many perfectly put together children they have
  • who is able to read their bible every day
  • who is the better hostess
  • who is able to keep up with their perfect hobbies and do all of their chores
  • who is able to go to the gym everyday and maintain a great figure
Honestly I just simply feel as though I'm having a difficult time "catching up".  I don't have it all together.  I don't have the dishes cleaned everyday.  In fact I truly adore my husband when he does it for me even though I had plenty of time to do it.  I don't always eat what's right for me.  I don't always want to cook.  Actually, I almost NEVER want to cook.  I don't always spend time in the Word because there is just too much to accomplish and yet I kick myself because I didn't get everything done.


There I said it.  I have flaws.  Many flaws in fact.  And I hate feeling like they are on display EVERY DAY.  Left to my own devices I wouldn't feel so bad.  But there are far greater women in my little world who remind me constantly to raise the bar that already feels so heavy. 

So ladies, stop being so great ok?  You know, just for a week month or so, just so I can catch my breath.

Monday, October 4, 2010

24 weeks

Went to the doctor today for a regular baby checkup.  All is well!

Size:  Approximately the size of a Papya
Heartbeat:  148 beats strong
How I'm feeling:  Besides having a cold, I'm definitely feeling better than last pregnancy, but again I think its because I'm striving to work out more.  Of course not this week since I've been sick.  I also don't really remember that I am pregnant.  Weird?  The time that I do is when I sit down to eat and need a tv tray and napkin that covers the front of me because I can't successfully be a clean eater with out it due to my growing belly.
How much weight I'm gaining:  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  LIKE I WOULD SHARE THAT!  All I will say however is that I'm doing MUCH better than last pregnancy.  And although my spandex-wearing-bike-riding doctor did say "oh ____ lbs gained?  I'll take it" today, which seems good, I'm not so convinced.  I know he is a bit mindful of how much weight I am gaining, because lets face it, I NEED to NOT gain a lot of weight.  I didn't lose any from last time, so I have to be on top of my game this time.  So I decided that I will track how much I'm eating through a Weight Watchers program.  No no no.  Don't worry, I'm not dieting, just putting myself in check.
Gender:  Still currently in a sealed envelope tacked to my white board.  Unknown.  Although Jeff and I are both hoping for another GIRL.  But we will certainly love and cherish this baby no matter what.
Names:  There has been a girl name that we have been discussing since we first found out we were pregnant.  I like the long version, he likes the short nickname of it.  After a while we took it off the table.  Just the other night, I heard him say "ok, ok, I think I concede.  (if its a girl) We can put ___________ back on the table".  This is HUGE.  Mostly because we can't think of ANY other names.  Seriously, we are ridiculous.  And we don't have any names for boys either.  I think its a mental block. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Nesting Obsessions

23 weeks pregnant.

Where in the world has the time gone?!  Summer just FLEW by!  There have been numerous birthday parties, a trip to visit Bradyn's paternal grandparents, and just general chaoticness.  No that's not a word, but it really should be.

Here are the things that I have become obsessed about.

Double strollers.  Anybody notice how many dang choices there are?  I'm definitely leaning towards a side by side, but I want to be able to use it for shopping, but ease of use trumps that I think.  Plus, those prices... gasp.  Out.of.control. 

Cloth Diapers.  Yah, yah, yah, I know.  I'm really not a hippy-granola-crunching- pot hemp-brownie making momma, but it sure does seem like that.  Well everything but the pot.  NO drugs people!  Just say NO!  lol  I'm not trying to save the planet, although that's nice.  I'm not trying to save cash, although I really should.  The real reason that I might become a convert is poor Bradyn's bum gets diaper rash like THAT.  We are currently using a brand name that has gotten some bad press about the chemicals that they use to make sure that they stay dry.  So I think we are going to try a couple of trials including ones from Jillian's Drawers and Kelly's Closet.

There are a couple that don't come in either package but that I want to try like GDiapers and Softbums.

My husband isn't convinced yet.  He still remembers cleaning his sisters cloth diapers in buckets and specifically how GROSS it was.  But these are your momma's cloth diapers, so we'll see.

Organizing the house.  Specifically my closets.  Have you ever seen the show Clean House on Style Network?  Well basically they take nice hoarders and take all of their junk, put it in a yard sale and then decorate their home with the money they earned.  The most awesome part of the show are the new closets.  They are gorgeous.  All the closets are from The Container Store.  Since my closets are atrocious, I decided that getting my closet organized should become top priority.  They helped design it and it will be installed later in October.  I am seriously giddly thinking about how my shoes and purses will be displayed and used more often because I can finally see them. 

Pregnancy Exercise dvd's.  This time I vowed I wouldn't gain an excess amount of weight, especially since I really didn't lose ANY weight after having Bradyn.  I really couldn't afford to gain any more than absolutely necessary.  For those of you who might be concerned, don't be.  The baby is tracking a little bit bigger than average, so I think we are good, but thanks anyway.  So I started working out with an awesome set of videos that I "stole" from BabySteals and have been hooked about how I have been feeling so much better.  I can actually get up out of bed without my hips giving out on me every time.  I have more energy thoughout the day.  I generally have a better attitude.   Weird.

 Except that I would like to return to my pre-wedding figure please.  Pretty please???

Monday, August 2, 2010

Big News and catch up

For those of you who aren't my facebook friend, or an actual friend from real life, I have BIG NEWS to share with all of you.


Some of you might have guessed due to my preggo widget on the side there.  I am currently in the beginning of my second trimester and it has flown by!  Its probably due to a couple of reasons.  A) this is my second baby, therefore I don't have the luxury of pondering and examining all the little new discoveries of pregnancy, and B) I have been SO swamped with life.

What have I been up to lately?  What haven't I been up too is the question!  2 months ago it was the whirlwind month of baby birthday parties.  Bradyn has a very full social calendar and must keep up with all of her little friends of course.  And more importantly, we were celeBRADYN my baby's 1st birthday!

 Here we are on her actual birthday living it up at the "Happiest Place on Earth".  Disneyland of course!  As a native southern California girl, there really was no other way to celebrate my wonderful daughter's first birthday.
As you can see, she is decked out in the latest Disney apparel and accessories.  Our friends who went with us (who are self proclaimed "Disney Freaks!"), made sure she was sporting the best Disney could offer.  And let me tell you, my daughter is no fool, that (currently) life size Minnie Mouse was not out of her hands for a moment for nearly 2 hours!  She sure does love her stuffed animals and babies.

Next was her actual birthday party.  We went with a classic Teddy Bear theme and it worked out beautifully.  Here is the cupcake/cake I made for her.
Too cute right?!
Now here she is pretty unsure of what to make of her chocolate cupcake....
And folks, I believe we have a winner!
Word to the wise, if you have a baby celebrating their first birthday with a chocolate cupcake, I HIGHLY recommend just stripping them down to just their diaper.  Let's just say that Bradyn had a full bath immediately after in the sink because she was so dang messy.

Not only were we in party, party, party mode, we were also in work, work, work mode with my inlaws in town.  They came to love up on their grandbaby for her big event, as welcome a new addition to the family.  My brother in law and his wife welcomed a brand new son just a few weeks before Bradyn's birthday.  There was much to celebrate!

The working was due to my husband's attempt at converting one of our bedrooms into an actual recording studio.  Granted its still a home studio, but when completed, it will be able to do all the fancy things a big studio can do.  Which means my retired engineer father in law was a big help in thinking through all of the crazy ideas Jeff has to vamp up his studio space.  Believe me, there was more trips to Home Depot, Lowe's and Wal-Fart than I'd like to count!  My in laws stayed nearly a month to help and visit. 

Oh and let's not forget that I am currently in a workshop/show and its been nothing short of absolute insanity trying to get ready for our performance this coming weekend.  I'm tired just thinking about it!

So that's the craziness that has been going on around here at Mommy On the Mic's place.  What's been going on in your world?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

lucky winner--me!

Apparently I am on a winning streak. 

Last week I was informed that I had won a $100 gift certificate to babies r us.  My first thought was "yah right".  But low and behold, a few days later, it arrives on my doorstep!  This really couldn't have come at a better time because I have one baby shower and 3 kids birthday parties that we will be attending this month.  That's a lot of presents!  So basically all of my friends really are getting stuff for free. 

So how did I win you ask?  I somehow got my name involved in a consumer report type of business directly interested in mommy stuff, or rather baby stuff.  I simply filled out a quick online survey about pack and plays and *BAM* I became $100 richer.  I actually won the raffle.

Now last night I opened up some mail and discovered that I had won again!  This time however I won a pretty awesome cheese grater and several gourmet bags of hot cocoa.  And really, who doesn't love hot cocoa?  Most people only won one or the other, but not me!  I won both!

But that's not even the coolest part.  This cooking club said that they were giving out selected memberships to their club.  Normally I would totally pass at this "incredible offer".  However, in the fine print my membership fee is literally $1 a month.  Well now I'm intrigued.  What goes on in this cooking club?  Well many cooking utensil manufactures are giving away their products to be tested in regular people's kitchens just to see if they like it.  Best part?  I get to keep ALL of the freebies they send me just to try. 

Do I like bread?  What carb lover doesn't?  Well they could send me a bread making machine. 
How about a free selection of spices?
Or a free set of utensils?


With all this winning in my life right now I think I need to book a trip to vegas.  Maybe I should check my email first to see if I have won a free flight or hotel room.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a better mood

It has been quite the ride this year.  I feel like I have literally been sick all.freak'n.year.  This time the plague had a name.  It's name is bronchitis.  First it hit my baby girl like a rock to the head.  She got hit hard.  But once memorial weekend came her body began to do an uphill climb and I finally was able to see my normal sweet girl that I love.  She was finally getting better.  What a number this did to my heart!

And of course, I couldn't go without catching her sickness.  Its impossible when you are literally wiping her snotty nose and she has an affinity of coughing right into your face.  But man have I been down for the count!  Drained, sleep deprived, barely able to catch a breath, and generally in a bad mood.  And even though I still have a cough and can't quite take a deep breath without trouble, I am much better and therefore in a better mood.

And something else has put me in a terrific mood.  Some missionaries at our church are about to venture to Thailand for a while (several years they are expecting) and one of their goals is to reach the women of Thailand.  Specifically the young ladies who are forced into prostitution due to the cultural demands that they support their entire families.  One of the ways they are trying to help is creating jobs for these ladies as alternatives to this degrading and deplorable occupation.  They are partnering up with a jewelry designer and have created a beautiful necklace that they are currently giving away.

Go to Bel Kai Designs and simply make a comment to be entered to win this beautiful and meaningful necklace.  Please leave a comment here letting me know that you entered!

Image of Fear to Freedom Necklace

Update:  I forgot to mention that if you want to simply purchase this "good cause" jewelry, go HERE.  It's selling at a reasonable price of $36.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

hit with the plague

So this week has been just awful. 
Bradyn has been incredibly sick since we had a fun Sunday at The Happiest Place on Earth.
 Unfortunately she was congested and coughing the whole time. 
By the time Monday rolls around it has become apparent that my baby girl needs to see a doctor.  He measures her temperature at 101 and says she has bronchitis.  She is put on heavy antibiotics and sent home.
Her medication is so rough on her little body that she immediately gets a nasty diaper rash and nearly stops eating all together.  It was incredibly difficult and horrifying to watch. 
I had to take her back to the doctors on Friday and they then said it was a virus and that she just had to wait it out.  I was honestly worried that she would have to be hospitalized.
Thank goodness by the time Sunday evening rolls around she is finally perking up and I can let out a small sigh of relief.  She isn't 100%, not by a long shot, but there is some improvement.
It has been a week full of stress beyond belief, more than even her being sick, but it has taught me to really pray, trust in God, and know that every moment with her is precious.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This week my baby girl had her 9 10 month check up.  (so we were late... whoops)

Normally I am simply excited to see how she has grown (or not grown that much, my baby is a peanut).  But this time I had things that I really wanted to accomplish with the pediatrician.  Bradyn has been dealing with eczema for months and months and it is incredibly heartbreaking watching her scratch so much and so often that I can never have her wear just a onesie.  I once had to be called into our church's nursery because she was scratching so much that she had caused major rashes on her little legs and was nearly bleeding because of it.  Horrifying.

But as my sweet baby was getting the once over and I was trying to communicate with her doctor, I realized that I was not being heard.  It was extraordinarily frustrating to try and deliver a message that says "Doctor please help me!", and the doctor is ignoring you.  He just kept on with the usual remedies that I already know.

keep her nails short
lukewarm 5 minute baths
watch what she eats

None of these things were helpful.  We were already doing these things. 

I left feeling extremely frustrated, but more importantly I learned a lesson.

Bradyn is counting on ME and her DADDY to be her voice.  We have to protect her because nobody else will.

And then almost like an angel intervention, my mom called and said that she had been doing some research on eczema and discovered some gems that I think I will be trying out.

Eczema news update: A study published in the May 2009 issue of Pediatrics tested treatments on kids with eczema ages 6 months to 17 years. They found that soaking for five to ten minutes twice a week in a diluted bleach bath (1/2 cup bleach per full standard-size tub) was five times more effective at treating eczema than plain water (used by the placebo group).  The improvement was so dramatic that researchers stopped the study early to allow children in the placebo group to get relief with the method. Try it! (But ask your child's doctor first.)

Bleach?!  In my baby's bath?!  Hey, whatever works!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spas, Strawberries, and Sunday Celebrations

Well this weekend was jam packed with lots of fun for this family.

On Friday we decided that we would introduce our little loves-her-bath-time-baby to our spa! (Yah, we have a pool but the spa took less time to warm up).

Here we are right before jumping in. Gotta be matching in our pink swimsuits.

Looks like she's enjoying herself. She almost didn't even have a reaction. Her no reaction was as if to say "Well of course I'm in here chillin in the water. Its where I should have been relaxing the whole time".

First time dippin in the spa. Oh and yah, we are that couple who eat and drink in the spa. Homemade guacamole...... mmmmmmmmm.....

Here is daddy tossing his baby girl. So cute (if I do say so myself).

On Saturday we did our annual trip to the Strawberry Festival.

Here's how I spent it last year.
Totally pregnant and put to work.  And yes I was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, which just happened to be my dear sweet husbands most obnoxious favorite thing to say to me at the time.
Beginning the process of making homemade strawberry jam.  YUM.
Making a complete mess of our kitchen, but it was oh so worth it.
The final product.  Whew!
But this year we decided to keep it simple and just enjoy my favorite part of the day.
Strawberry Pizza!!!
And this year was also great because we could take our baby, who honestly had a good time.
That smile doesn't lie.
But then she had enough....  but she was a trooper and let us check out all the fun arts and crafts.
THEN, we had a rude awakening when we ventured back and discovered this offending subject marinating in the hot box we call a car.
The sweet smell of strawberries was decidedly lowered because of this nasty creature we forgot to throw away.

And if that wasn't enough in our fun filled weekend, it was also my sweetie's birthday on Sunday!



Friday, May 14, 2010


I think that I just might have a problem. You see I like to buy things. But that seems pretty normal right? Sure. I like to buy cleaning products. That definitely seems normal. Most people like their house clean.

But once I purchase these cleaning products I was so overjoyed to buy, I don't touch them for at least a week (or more).  

Take for example my Target run the other day, along with the As Seen On TV products, I actually was searching for one of these....

 Swiffer Sweep Vaccum Cleaner Kit - 2 Units

But I got stopped by the shiny pink item....

Swiffer 3 in 1 Sweeping Starter Kit +Duster +refills,Limited Pink Breast Cancer

I didn't need it.  I shouldn't have even seen it.  But it was PINK.  And it promised to rid my house of the many fur balls dancing in the wind throughout my kitchen. 

So of course I bought it and all of its sweet citrus smelling paraphernalia.  Devine.

Now several days have passed and I did not get what I want, haven't opened my pink device and the dust balls still swirl among my feet.

And I came to realize something.

I just want my house to clean itself by osmosis.  I bring home the duster, the mop, the sweeper and the Clorox wipes, and darn it I expect things to be clean!  Not by personally dusting, mopping, sweeping or wiping mind you.  I just expect to bring these things home and they will magically do as they promised on the package and *poof* my house will become a warm, cozy and clean home. 

Then another thought occurred to me.  All these products promise to make your house as shiny as a brand new car for that spoiled rotten teenager.  But it never says that you have to actually work in order for this to happen.

I'm suing for false advertisement.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

As Seen On TV

Today I went to a lovely place that you might have heard of. Its beautiful with its delicious popcorn perfume and passionate colored gigantic balls as decor.



I was able to introduce my baby girl to one of the happiest places on earth and this was her first time in the big girl chair (the cart). She loved it! It was so cute to see her enjoy all the sensations around her. Its really fun to watch her grow up and explore the world around her.

But back to Target.

I must confess that I only went in for a few things, as I'm sure we can all relate too. Somehow, I wound up with A TON more than I really needed. Among my whimsical purchases?

As Seen On TV Products.

I'm ashamed to say I now own these products.

The Perfect Brownie Pan
Perfect Brownie Pan Set

The Belly Burner

So apparently when I devour my perfectly cooked brownies I can wear the belly burner so I can maintain my girlish figure. And by girlish I mean specifically this girl....

Nikki Bonsky as Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray movie

Perhaps there are some zero calorie brownie recipes out there?