The Band (About Us)

I'm the Mommy, Kandi, who rocks the Mic! 

Ladies and Gentleman, I may rock the mic but I am not rocking the liquor here.  That is my favorite drink, diet coke.  Here I am getting primped on my wedding day.  The beginning of our wonderful lives together.  I rock the mic because not only am I a singer making beautiful music with my hubby, but I also have lots to say and I like to say it loudly!

And here is Jeff, my partner in crime, my husband, Daddy who rocks the Guitar! 

He literally rocks the electric guitar because he works in music and plays, composes and generally is a rock'n cool guy.  I'm glad to call him my baby's daddy.

And who's rockin the percussion section?  Our baby girl, Bradyn, who clearly is multi-talented by rock'n her paci (although she's over it, says it's "so last season") and her fingers, which is her favorite instrument these days. 

She also is a fasionista in her obnoxious rock'n bows of course!  She's gotta keep up her image you know.
She is currently 10 months old and we adore her and appreciate God's blessing of her everyday.
Mostly she just rocks our world.

Come share in our lives as we try and rock it out!