Monday, November 15, 2010

CD Trial #2

This batch of cloth diapers came from Kelly's Closet.  Here's what I bought to try.

Happy Heiny's One Size
Description:  A one size pocket diaper with milled fleece and four size options due to the sizing snaps.
Fit:  Again, because of the one size option, this is one of the bulkiest diapers I have.
Look:  While I didn't get a print for my trial, I did buy a couple of more of their prints including the cow print like above.  These out of all of the diapers I've tried are the cutest.  Not because of the fit, but because of the amazing collection of fun prints.
Function:  This became one of my favorite naptime or overnight diaper with a second insert.  
Price:  $18.95  one of the more expensive diapers
Grade:  B+
Flip Stay Dry Diaper System
Description:  A waterproof liner with an area to put in a prefold, insert or throw away insert.  This is not a pocket diaper.  It also is hybrid.
Fit:  Again, I enjoy the snaps, so that was a positive.  It wasn't a great fit through the legs but a decent fit through the tummy area.  Still a bit bulkier than I like.
Look:  Cute but nothing special.
Function:  This leaked half the time Bradyn wore it.  That became extremely frustrating.  Its one thing to have a diaper leak all the time because then you know not to use it.  But for it to work 1/2 the time, you think to yourself "sure I'll try it again" and then get screwed by that decision.  The only bonus is that when she did a #2, I was still able to use it after I changed the insert because I could easily wipe the cover (if needed, and it only needed that once).  
Price:  $16.95
Grade:  C
Rump a Rooz

Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper

Description:  OS pocket diaper with microfiber inner leg gussets (the only one like it on the market)
Fit:  Although I have a relatively tiny baby (re: short... like her momma), this diaper needed to be on its biggest setting because it was low rise in the back.  This seems to be a common problem.  Although she fits fine in it now, when she grows a bit, she will no longer be able to use it.
Look:  These diapers come in a variety of cute prints that I appreciate.  Plus I love a cute logo and this one has an adorable kangaroo for its label.
Function:  I do appreciate the inner leg guessets and was most excited to try this one out because of it.  However, I didn't feel like it did that great of a job over some of the other ones that I have.  It did do its job very well though.
Price:  $23.50  definitely one of the more pricier ones on the market.
Grade:  B

These next two came so highly recommended by Alysha or Emily that I just had to try them. 
gDiapers Little gPants, 2 Pack, Medium
Description:  The first hybrid on the market that has biodegradable flushable inserts as well as cloth soakers.  The outer cover is a cotton rather than a waterproof liner with velcro that shuts in the back rather than in the front like many others.
Fit:  This is one of the trimmest fitting diapers which I loved.  However, the back velcro took some getting used to and my husband didn't like that part at all.  Also, the inner snaps dug into Bradyn's skin which always made me sad to see.  I did really like the cotton feel of the cover though.  
Look:  I definitely appreciate the assortment of colors, although there doesn't seem to be any prints, which is a bummer.
Function:  This worked most of the time.  I believe it only leaked once.  I also tried the flushable disposable inserts which worked out great.  Although why use those if your going to go for cloth diapers.  I decided its a great alternative to disposable ones when your on the go.  Without the chemicals I didn't have to worry so much about diaper rash.
Price:  $17.99  not the cheapest but the best hybrid that I tried
Grade:  C
----Jeff's opinion---- (I tried to get him to have an opinion about all of them, to which he had none, but this one he definitely had some thoughts)
"I don't like this one.  The velcro in the back is a nuisance and the inner piece seems cheap"
Description:  An All in 2 system that has there extra long soakers that snap in rather than stuff (although they just came out with their Omni System that allows you to either snap in or stuff!).  It also has a unique feature that has a toggle system in the front to get the perfect fit in the legs and velcro around the waist.
Fit:  Except for GDiapers, these diapers were the trimmest fit.  Plus I really love the toggle system to get that perfect fit around my chubby thighed baby girl.
Look:  They have the usual kinds of colors and there selection of prints leaves a lot to be desired.  But I am a fan of the hot pink.  :)
Function:  This one is absolutely terrific!  I LOVE the snap in feature of their soaker.  Plus it comes with THREE soakers AND a newborn soaker.  So you really feel like you can use it over and over, to which I absolutely did.  This quickly became my go to "outside the house" diaper.  So easy to bring one extra cover and a couple of soakers knowing that's all you need for your average day.  It has been recommended to use a different diaper for overnight by All About Cloth Diapers.
Price:  $36.95 on Amazon and Mothering Grace (where I bought mine), however if you want to upgrade to their amazing bamboo soakers  
Grade:  A+

Next up:  What I kept for my "stash" and the extras that I felt that I just couldn't live without!

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