Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who is this in me?

I'm starting to REALLY notice the difference between this pregnancy and my pregnancy with Bradyn.  In the beginning there was zero difference.  This was great in my opinion.  I felt pretty good, things were going well.

Then the third trimester hit.  And all hell broke loose.

I have heartburn ALL.THE.DANG.TIME.  The baby is constantly moving.  Often times I'm like "honey do you ever sleep?"  I have a burning sensation at the top of my stomach, most likely because of stretching.    I'm just not comfortable.

Yes yes I know, I'm pregnant, and things aren't always peachy keen.

Let's be honest.  Because things are so different, I'm totally paranoid about this baby being a boy.  I desperately want Bradyn to have a sister.  I have nothing against boys, don't misunderstand.  I would love to have a boy.... the next pregnancy.

Have any of your pregnancies been totally different and did that mean they were different genders or just different personalities?


  1. My pregnancies were both different, and obviously, I had one of each. But I've been told that no two pregnancies are ever alike, so you never know. You may just get that little girl! I had more of a problem with heartburn when I was pregnant with Drew, but that could have been because he was so huge :)

  2. open the dang envelope already! Haha just kidding...kind of. Pretty sure my mom had very different pregnancies for me and my sister.

  3. I had two boys and each pregnancy was different. With my second, I had almost no nausea, I had terrible headaches up until 20 weeks, the baby moved much less, I had more acne, AND my second was 10 days late (my first was two days early.) So, you never know :)

  4. Zachary and Jackson acted totally different from each other in utero while Alexis was totally different from those two, but #4 is acting exactly like zachary did and she's a girl! Did any of that make sense? Point is, they were all different and I don't think you can really tell by the pregnancy necessarily.
    Let's have another casserole together and talk about it!

  5. Hey Kandi!
    Yes, you guys definitely need to head to Vegas to see the Criss Angel show. I highly recommend it, we had so much fun!
    Oh, and yes we know what we're having... a girl, any day now!
    BTW- My pregnancy with this girl is COMPLETELY different than my pregnancy with Avril, and they're both girls, so sex has nothing to do with how you feel, its true that every pregnancy is different. With Avril I had morning sickness the ENTIRE time!! I also was anemic and fainted at least 6 times. With this pregnancy I was sick a few weeks at the beginning and that was it. However, now that I'm in the third trimester I also have horrible heartburn ALL the time (with both) and lots of uncomfortableness for sure! I feel your pain... good luck to you, I'm so excited for you :)